Mansfield porky pair escape the chop and find new home

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A pair of Mansfield Micro Pigs who faced being given the chop have now been re-homed at an animal sanctuary thanks to a desperate appeal in the Chad.

Owners Michaela Hudson-Smyth and David Perkins were at their wits end after failing to find a bigger home for their overgrown beloved pigs, Alfie and Tyson.

Dave brought the little porkers two-years-ago before he met Michaela but the tubby pair quickly outgrew the couple’s home leaving them with no option but to let them go.

Two week’s on and Alfie and Tyson have made the 70 mile journey to a new home at Pig Inn Heaven near Rochdale.

The nine-acre sanctuary will be a safe haven for the pair until potential new owners can offer them a permanent home.

Peter Davidson, owner of the sanctuary, said he set the business up when the Micro Pig trend took off a few years ago.

“There is no such thing as a Micro Pig. The breed remain small for a few weeks and then they can grow to the size of a small Labrador. It was really worrying when the trend first took off because loads of people were buying ‘Micro Pigs’, keeping them in their homes, then found that the pigs grew too big.

“That’s why we set this centre up, to re home pigs in desperate need and raise awareness.

“Alfie and Tyson have settled really well and we are pleased to welcome them for as long as needed until a permanent home can be found.

“We have been running for a while but we will be opening the grounds up to the public next year so people can come and see the animals.” The sanctuary also welcomes goats and unwanted turtles.

Michaela and Dave said: “They will be with about 20 other Micro Pigs. We went to check the place out to make sure it was a good place for them to go. They can go and forage and have plenty of room to roam. We can even visit whenever we like.”