Mansfield pubs could open late during world cup

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Publicans from the Chad area have given a mixed reaction to a Home Office consultation on whether to extend pub opening hours for two matches during the world cup.

If the proposals were agreed pubs could remain open until 1am on Saturday 14th June when England play Italy in the Brazilian tournament.

Representatives from the industry have also asked for an extra two hours on the closing weekend, 11th-12th July, saying the move could benefit the economy by up to £20m.

A spokesman for Mansfield’s Widow Frost pub said she hoped the moved was approved but that it should be properly policed.

“Mansfield people can be just as civilised as any others, although they have their moments,” she said.

“But as long as the staff are in place it should not be a problem - and any extra revenue coming in is a good thing.

“We all know things have gone a bit downhill recently.”

Shane Disney, manager at the Rushley, Nottingham Road, agreed that the plan could work well if properly policed.

But he added: “The risk for licensees is that if anything happens the pub is blamed. If it is out of normal hours it is automatically our fault so that would be my concern.”

The manager of Sutton’s Fountain Bridge pub said: “After 34 years as a licensee all I can say is the later pubs stay open the more trouble they are.

“People just get drunk and kick off. It does not interest me one iota.”

But Jonathan Edwards, a spokesman for Mansfield Association of Late Night Venues, was a little more optimistic.

“We think it would be great for pubs and also for customers who want to enjoy and support England in their local.

“But it would be a shame if the late licencing hours led to violence.

“My advice would be a responsible approach on the part of licensees - not encouraging people to drink when they have had too much.

“With the right security staff we can avoid an extra drain on police resources.”

Mansfield’s Business Improvement District (BID) was also behind the proposals.

BID helps businesses in the town improve their fortunes through promotion, keeping the environment clean and crime prevention.

Sarah Nelson, BID manager, said: “If it is very busy we will look at our own ambassadors’ rotas to put them shift.

“It is an unknown entity but in terms of business we support it.”

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