Medal mystery solved

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THE MYSTERY of a medal with Bulwell connections, showcased in the Dispatch, has been solved.

For reader and well-known Hucknallite Les Berridge has revealed that it is, in fact, a prize presented by the Royal Antediluvian Order Of Buffaloes (RAOB).

The RAOB is a fraternal, benevolent and social organisation open to men over the age of 18. It dates back as far as 1822.

The silver piece (pictured), which was bought on the auction website ebay, isn’t even a medal at all. It is actually known as a ‘jewel’.

What’s more, it is a very prestigious ‘jewel’ and the word ‘PRIMO’ that features in the centre gives the owner the right to open an RAOB lodge.

The ‘jewel’, which was presented to Jack Walters, is dated January 9 1932. It also mentions ‘PRIDE OF BULWELL LGE No. 463’. This is the name of the RAOB Lodge Mr Walters would have been a member of, says Mr Berridge.

The lodge is no longer running but Bulwell still has a an RAOB presence in the shape of Highbury Vale Lodge. The Hucknall-based lodge, which is known as Lord Alvaston Byron Hyson, meets at the Station Hotel on Station Road. Mr Berridge, who is the Nottingham Provincial Grand Secretary, has been a member of the RAOB for almost 51 years.