Meeting date to discuss reopening of Hucknall’s Byron Cinema

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‘Bring back the Byron Cinema’ is being heard again across Hucknall as a group are appealing for support to reopen the town’s picture house.

A meeting has been set up by the I Love Hucknall group to look into the possibility of reopening the movie house at the 1930s iconic building.

“I met up with the Byron cinema owner earlier this week and had a look at the cinema’s current state,” said Stuart Pocklington, of I Love Hucknall

“I believe with lots of hard work and some funding, either raised by the group or through the Lottery/Local movement grants etc, we could achieve what some believe is impossible, and re-open the Byron cinema.

“It needs a new screen, sound system, carpets, and seats, as all the old ones have been sold on eBay,” added Stuart.

“But the owner is really supportive and would love to see the cinema re-open and be run by the community.”

The cinema played its last film in 2006 and there has been much speculation and interest in reinstating the venue over several years.

“I have asked the Hucknall Facebook community their thoughts and I have been overwhelmed with support and offers to help, with some great ideas for fundraising, and how to ensure if re-opened the cinema it would be a sustainable business.”

A public meeting will be held on Wednesday 31st July at 6.30pm at the Broomhill Children’s centre and everyone is welcome.