Men’s Probus group told not to neglect their hearing by Hucknall Specsavers’ team

Community news
Community news

Well-known opticians Specsavers specialise in care of the ears as well as the eyes.

This point was emphasised when Matthew Baker, an audiologist from the company’s Hucknall High Street branch, gave a talk to Hucknall Men’s Probus Club at their June meeting.

He was accompanied by two colleagues, Janet Archer and Rebecca Middleton.

Matthew stressed that regular hearing tests throughout a person’s life could be as important as eyesight tests.

He said anyone at any age could suffer hearing loss. It affected one in six people in the UK and most were over 60 who lost their hearing gradually as part of the natural ageing process.

One cause is conductive, when sound cannot pass freely from the outer ear to the inner ear.

Another is sensoneural, resulting from the damage to the inner ear or to the pathway between the inner ear and the brain.

Young people could be exposed to potentially damaging loud noise while attending leisure activities such as a rock concerts, the speaker pointed out.

He said there had been huge advances in improvement of hearing from the days of ear trumpets to the present age of sophisticated digital aids.

Frequencies on a hearing aid could be adjusted if a dog next door was barking too loud.

Matthew recalled a colleague chatting with a patient who told him she had lost a pearl earring -- and it was actually in her ear!

Matthew was introduced and thanked by club president Tony Buckley.