Messages by Hucknall mum-of-three foretold her own death

A YOUNG mother-of-three from Hucknall foretold her own death in messages left on Facebook, an inquest has been told.

Kymberley Ward (21) tragically died of heart failure after taking an overdose of multiple drugs, including cocaine and cannabis.

This followed the break-up of the relationship with her boyfriend and father of her three young sons, who are aged five, two and one.

Kymberley was found at her home on Goodall Crescent on Monday July 19 last year. She was rushed to the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham but doctors couldn’t save her.

The night before her death and the morning after, she posted disturbing messages on the Facebook social networking site, the Nottingham inquest heard.

One message posted by her at 10 am on the day of her death read: “Well, it’s over now, so just wait for my kids to have a betta (sic) life now.”

It followed a series of other messages the previous night and into the early hours of the morning that caused alarm among her friends.

The inquest was told how Kymberley’s sister, Hayley Ward, visited her on the morning of the tragedy and saw Kymberley being sick. It prompted her to ask; “What have you taken?”

Kymberley’s former partner, Russell Wyre — who is also the father of her three sons — told Nottinghamshire Coroner Mairin Casey of his shock at what had happened.

He said: “I knew she was taking anti-depressants but I never thought she would take her life.

“I knew she was really down at the time because we had just split up.”

Mr Wyre said he had spoken to Kymberley at 7 am on the morning of her death while he was at work. He revealed how he had told her that they would not be able to get back together.

He then received text messages from Kymberley. He said: “She wanted me to ring her.

“The last text message said: Tell the boys I loved them and they will be better off without me.”

The Coroner was told there was no history of serious mental-health problems in Kymberley’s family. But she had been diagnosed with depression since the birth of her second child in 2009 and felt isolated from the community.

She was targeted by neighbours and had used cannabis to self-medicate for the problems she was having. She felt everyone in Hucknall hated her, the inquest heard.

Kymberley’s GP, Dr Angla Sharman, said the 21-year-old had been determined not to do anything to harm her children.

Dr Sharman added: “Six weeks before her death, when I last saw her, she was all right and keen to talk to me. I was not as worried about her. I was shocked (by news of her death).”

Dr Sharma said it was possible Kymberley had taken the overdose as a cry for help.

In recording an open verdict, Ms Casey said that although Kymberley had attempted overdoses on two previous occasions, these were many years before her eventual death, so she was not satisfied the young mum had intended to take her own life.

She added: “It is possible her death was accidental and a cry for help or attention seeking. It is an appalling loss of a young woman who is leaving three young children behind.”

Ms Casey added that nobody could have prevented Kymberley’s death.

n KYMBERLEY was a Facebook friend of the Dispatch. Immediately after her death, her page was flooded with tributes from stunned friend.

A tribute group was also set up by Colleen McGurk in her memory, called ‘R.I.P. Kymberley Ward’. It attracted hundreds of members and featured heartfelt messages of sympathy.

One of the posts read: ‘Such a waste of a beautiful life. My thoughts are wiv ur boys and family. Have fun with the angels’’

Another said: ‘Beautiful girl and beautiful babies. Such a shame. Rest in peace, sweetheart’.

A third read: ‘OMG. Can’t believe what’s happened. R.I.P. hun. I remember living across the road from you for so many years. Thoughts are with ur family. Night night’.

And another simply said: ‘R.I.P. Kym. I hope you find peace’.