Meticulous surgery saves dog

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A dog’s life has been saved after a terrifying ordeal - thanks to a Hucknall vet.

Cody, a lovable papillon, was attacked by another dog during a family holiday in Devon and suffered a badly dislocated neck.

The dog’s owner, Kathy Hart (86), of Aspley, went on the trip with her daughter and son-in-law, Annette and Steve Amery, of Beeston.

Annette said: “We took Cody to a vet in Kingsbridge who put stitches in his neck. But his condition got worse and he could not stand up.

“The vet decided that Cody needed an MRI scan. We had a choice of one in Bristol or the one at East Midlands Referrals on Nottingham Road, Hucknall. We opted for the latter.”

Senior vet Graham Oliver performed an operation on the little dog which involved insertion of a plate.

This meant drilling ‘blind’ and the procedure needed meticulous precision to avoid causing irreparable damage to the spinal cord.

“We had to treat Cody as if he was made of glass,” said Graham.

Tiny implants which are an entirely new development in veterinary surgery were used.

The operation went smoothly and Cody is now more like his frisky, tail-wagging self.

“We are so grateful because we were worried that nothing could be done to save him,” said Kathy.