Miliband visits Hucknall

Labour leader Ed Miliband this week chose Hucknall as the venue for his first People’s Question Time.

Mr Miliband visited the John Godber Centre in Ogle Street to speak with local voters.

Speaking to the Dispatch, Mr Miliband said that he was expecting questions on matters that affected people in the Sherwood constituency, such as immigration, the NHS and zero hours contracts.

He said: “I am determined to fight the general election in a different way. I will be having direct conversations with people.

“There are no planted questions so it’s about the people of Sherwood.

“It’s the right way.”

He said that Leonie Mathers, who is Labour’s candidate for the constituency, would be a great MP, if elected.

He said: “Leonie is a brilliant candidate who reaches out to everyone in Sherwood and will fight for their interests.”

Mr Miliband said that the Government, supported by Sherwood MP Mark Spencer, was focused on the “privileged few” but that Labour had practical plans to deal with issues of inequality.

One of the key areas for Mr Miliband, was the issue of zero hours contracts.

He said he was particularly concerned with local employer Sports Direct and its headquarters near Shirebrook.

Labour had a plan, he said, to end the practice of zero hours contracts to ensure people who worked regular hours had regular contracts.

Mr Miliband added that he was proud of Labour’s record on health when in power, but that lessons had been learned.

The Labour leader’s visit was “wecomed” by Mr Spencer, despite him being a Conservative.

Mr Spencer said, “I think it is great that Ed Miliband has chosen to come to Hucknall and speak to voters, so that people can see for themselves exactly what the Labour Party is all about.

“Labour wants to spend more money we haven’t got, borrow more, and do more of the things that got us into a financial crisis in the first place – a crisis that resulted in a recession that badly affected many people throughout the country. Our country is recovering under this government with a strong economy, economic growth, and 2 million new jobs since 2010 – but if Labour wins the next election, all this could be undone.

“The more opportunities people get to scrutinise Ed Miliband, the better. His numbers simply do not add up.”