Missing Stan’s family in agony

The search goes on for missing man Stan Shanks.
The search goes on for missing man Stan Shanks.

As the search for missing pensioner Raymond ‘Stan’ Shanks continues his son has issued a desperate appeal for his safe return.

Terry Shanks, 57, said he and his family were not giving up hope completely but it was starting to fade as the days since his disappearance ran on.

Ex-miner and community linchpin Stan, 78, was last seen in bed asleep at about 2am on Friday in his home in the town’s Lime Tree Road.

“This is extremely frustrating for us,” said Terry.

“My dad suffers from various health problems and has not taken his medication with him and he would not be able to survive in the cold weather.”

Terry said when his mother, Sheila, woke up at 7.30am on Friday and Stan was not there the family had assumed that he had gone out for an early walk to collect the newspaper, as he often does.

“It is just such an incredible mystery,” said Terry.

“But the thought that someone may have harmed him is just so overwhelming.”

Mike Pringle, Nottinghamshire County Councillor for Ollerton, said he had fallen into leading the search due to his personal connection with Stan.

Coun Pringle said: “He has been a friend of the family for years and years and looked after my dad when he was passing away.

“There are unsung heroes in every area but support for miners was central to mine and he is a really good bloke.

“He was is an NUM man and labour Party member and went through the strike - he supported all the families during and after.

“For 30 years he has been at the core of everybody - he is just a brilliant bloke.”

Coun Pringle is acting as liaison between Nottinghamshire Police and the Lowland Search and Rescue and members of the community helping in the search for Stan.

He is posting daily on his own and Ollerton and District Labour Party’s Facebook pages with details of where when search parties are meeting and said his first post attracted more than 35,000 hits.

To get involved with the search for Stan check Coun Pringle’s updates.