Mobile unit to visit schools in dental drive

A mobile dental unit will be visiting venues in Bulwell over the coming months as part of a charity’s bid to bring good dental health to children of three and under.

The Rebalancing the Outer Estates charity wants all three-year-olds registered with a dentist, getting regular check-ups, and understanding how to look after their teeth.

Nottingham North MP Graham Allen, the charity’s chair, said: “We are looking for primary schools, and other early years’ settings, to work with us to get parents of children aged three and under along to the dentist to their first check-up.

“If you are interested in the unit visiting your school please email Jane is the Rebalancing Public Health lead and can tell you more about the unit and what it can bring to you. Jane can also give you the background to the work we are doing, and why it’s important for us to get children registered with a dentist. All we need from you is a parking space big enough for the unit and some children to visit the dentist!”