More flash floods as storm hits district

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Saturday brought another summer storm with flash flooding across Hucknall.

Hot spots across the town, including Thoresby Dale and Watnall Road, which were struck by rising water as drains failed to keep back the tides.

Residents on Thoresby Dale could only watch in horror as memories of homes engulfed in a similar storm last July came flooding back.

And yet despite a flood investigation, launched by Nottinghamshire County County last year and involving the Environment Agency and Severn Trent Water, vital measures are yet to be made.

“We are desperate for some action,” said Thoresby Dale resident, Bill Ward, who has been campaigning for mitigation works in the area before the bypass is built.

“We were lucky again on Saturday that the rain stopped before it got into the houses but we can’t ask people to live like this - they need some protection.”

A recurring problem on Watnall Road near Rolls-Royce is also a concern.

“The manhole cover in the pavement blew again leaving a dangerous hole exposed,” said Vaughn Gallagher, of Olympus Court. “We keep reporting it but I don’t suppose anything will be done until there is an accident.”

Nottinghamshire County Council’s flood risk manager, Andy Wallace has been overseeing the investigation and said it was ‘coming along well’.

“We have been working very closely with local people and other agencies such as Severn Trent Water, the Environment Agency and Ashfield District Council to ensure we have gathered all the information needed to make sure we get the right scheme – and that we get it right first time.

“In the meantime the council submitted a bid for Government funding and a decision is expected in December.

“The council would contribute £410,000 towards schemes in Hucknall. In the town centre this would be to manage flooding from the Baker Lane brook, ordinary watercourses, sewers and surface water linked to opportunities provided by the forthcoming Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme.”