More job opportunities at Linby’s Brooke Farm

.Brooke Farm Linby
.Brooke Farm Linby

More employment opportunities are being made at Linby’s Brooke Farm with the creation of a training and employment hub for local people with learning disabilities.

The Council’s Adult Social Care and Health Committee is set to approve the four additional posts at its meeting on Monday, March 7.

The plan includes an extra annual investment of £62,500 for more staff to run the hub, which is in addition to the £608,000 that the Council spends to support the service each year.

The new posts will be 30-hour contracts to support all elements of the hub whether attendees are actively seeking employment or not.

One role of the hub will be to help prepare people with a range of disabilities for the world of work and attendees will be given work experience and training support for up to three years. Current service users can continue to be offered activities.

Coun Muriel Weisz, Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Adult Social Care and Health Committee, said: “These extra posts will play a key part in supporting the new hub, which will open up more opportunities for local people with a disability for the benefit of their well-being, confidence and quality of life. It is vital that the hub offers all the support attendees need if they wish to move on to the world of work so getting the right staffing levels is crucial.”