More than 500 sign soup kitchen petition

A grant of more than �49,000 will improve disabled access at Errwood Sailing Club.
A grant of more than �49,000 will improve disabled access at Errwood Sailing Club.

The fate of two soup kitchens on Mansfield Marketplace was in the balance this week after they were given two weeks notice to quit and find new venues to operate.

This week more than 500 people have signed a petition calling on Mansfield District Council to reassure users of that they will be given full support by the authority.

The organisers of the Help The Homeless soup kitchen which has been giving a lifeline to homeless and vulnerable people for 15 years - were devastated when they were given a letter telling them to quit on Thursday.

This eviction is in addition to Mansfield Soup Kitchen which was told to leave the area within two weeks on Wednesday.

The petition organised by Nottinghamshire County councillor for Mansfield East Colleen Harwood, states:” We are respectfully asking that a suitable indoor venue close to the town centre and adequate provisions of electricity and water and help with funding is given to these ventures to protect the homeless and needy and provide them with a hot meal which is obviously required.”

Mansfield Mayor Kate Allsop said: “Having visited various projects and consulting with providers of homelessness and low income support services, the Executive has concluded that there is adequate provision in the town. In fact much more is done here in Mansfield than in other districts.

“The Cabinet and other organisations have expressed concern over the safety and running of mid-week soup kitchens on Mansfield market.

“Those soup kitchens have been asked to find a more appropriate location on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The council will work with them to identify an alternative venue for this service.

“Mansfield District Council delivers a comprehensive Homelessness shared service which gives support to people who need it the most.”