Mother kicked a car after dentist refused to treat her five year old son who had missed an appointment

A Kirkby mother ‘flipped’ and kicked a car after a dentist refused to treat her five year old son who had missed an appointment, a court heard.

Christina June Louise Murray, 25 admitted causing criminal damage to a property valued under £5,000 when she appeared before Mansfield Magistrates on Wednesday.

The court heard Murray of Victoria Road took her son to the Kirkby Dental Centre on Lowmoor Road, on July 30 with a painful tooth.

But she was told because he had missed a previous appointment they were unwilling to make further appointments for him.

After arguing with a receptionist she left the practice and took her anger out by kicking a Ford Fiesta parked outside.

The kick dented a rear panel, causing £713 of damage to the car which belonged to a member of staff.

Defending herself, Murray said she had not kicked the vehicle maliciously and did not know who it had belonged to.

She said her son had suffered in pain for a week when she had gone to book an appointment.

Murray told Magistrates: “I was very upset - I was fuming.

“My son was in agony and they wouldn’t treat him. There was a massive argument and I just went out and did it.”

She said her son had been admitted to King’s Mill Hospital to remove his tooth.

She was ordered to pay £713 compensation and given a 12 month community order with a 14 day rehabilitation order, an activity requirement and to pay a £150 criminal court charge.