Mounted police section ‘will not be reinstated’

Paddy Tipping campaigning to re-open the custody suite at Worksop Police Station  (w121108-7b)
Paddy Tipping campaigning to re-open the custody suite at Worksop Police Station (w121108-7b)

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Police’s mounted section will not be reinstated, Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping has decided.

Mr Tipping said despite the clear affection there was for the mounted section, after reviewing the decision to disband it last year, he had concluded there was no sound business case for its reinstatement.

He said: “In these tough financial times we have to prioritise very carefully and there is a huge difference between ‘would like to do’ and ‘must do’. I promised that, if elected, I would review the original decision.

“We have held discussions with community groups, asked the public for their views and considered the Chief Constable’s review of the original decision. The outcome is that we cannot justify the amount of money it would cost to reinstate the mounted section while we can still carry out the policing element of their role.

“I understand that people will be disappointed, but I will watch with interest the research into plans for a National Mounted Section. If these turn out to be viable, Nottinghamshire will take on board any national requirements.”

Mr Tipping commissioned the review because of public feeling and so he could consider the cost of reinstatement when planning his budget.

A report by Chief Constable Chris Eyre said that reintroducing the mounted section would cost £424,000.

Mr Eyre said: “Closing the mounted section was not a decision that was taken lightly, but one that we needed to make to strengthen and shape policing for the future in Nottinghamshire. The Police and Crime Commissioner’s review has upheld that decision today.

“We had to look at all resources to allow us to deliver a service that makes the very best use of our limited resources and our focus remains on enhancing our local policing services.

“Redeploying the mounted staff to daily front line duties has helped strengthen our local presence and that is our commitment to the community.