Mourners ‘risk being killed’ at Hucknall Cemetery, residents fear

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MOURNERS at Hucknall Cemetery risk being mown down at grave-sides by abusive drivers, it has been claimed.

Deep tyre tracks running directly across roadside plots suggest visitors are deliberately grave-crossing in a bid to park even closer to their chosen spot.

Concerned residents are calling it a ‘blatant lack of respect’ and say it’s only a matter of time before someone gets run over in the Broomhill Road yard.

One disgruntled cemetery-goer said: “Anyone walking in the cemetery is at risk of being verbally abused and run over by able bodied drivers determined to get as close as possible to certain graves.

“Often, there can be six or more cars racing around, forcing pedestrians to trample through the mud as drivers force their way past.”

Ashfield District Council’s Deputy Leader John Wilmott, who represents Hucknall, condemned the activity, saying he was appalled by the lack of respect.

“The authority’s gravekeeper discovered the incident on the day it occurred and took immediate action,” he said. “The council does not condone the use of graves or grassed areas for vehicles and I am appalled that anyone would drive over graves.

“Whilst there is a road in Hucknall Cemetery, it is narrow and should be used sensibly at all times, especially when another vehicle is present. Much of this issue could be resolved by people visiting the cemetery being prepared to wait a short time to access the area they wish to visit.”

He added that the council has conducted a review of the cemetery access as a matter of urgency and is looking at various options to ensure maximum protection of the graves. These include creating further hard landscaped areas to enable vehicles to pass each other safely.