Mow row anger at cutting remarks letter

A Sutton woman has criticised Ashfield Homes after the authority said her grass was too long.

Jane Morley, who lives in a council-owned property on the Carsic Estate, was shocked when she received a letter from the housing association on behalf of the council criticising the condition of her garden because her grass was four inches long.

The estate had recently undergone a joint clean up between the council, Ashfield Homes and residents.

Ms Morley said: “I feel totally insulted after receiving a letter from Ashfield Homes about my grass at my council house.

“I had a letter through my door saying it was not in an acceptable condition and if I did not cut it they would charge me to do so.”

The mother-of-two has cut her grass but she said it now looks worse than before.

She added: “It came across as a threat before even giving me chance to do anything.

“Its winter, wet and I thought I can’t mow without making a mess. There are other gardens on the estate which are in much worse condition than mine with tyres littered across the lawns yet I have been picked on.”

Kelly Scott, director of housing services at Ashfield Homes, said the letter was sent as part of a routine estate evaluation.

“These letters are often sent out following estate evaluations and are not intended to offend or upset our tenants but act as a simple reminder. We accept that some gardens are in worse condition than Ms Morley’s garden and appropriate action will be taken with each individual case.”