MP backs campaign to protect kids from neglect

BACKING has been given by Bulwell Labour MP Graham Allen to a campaign calling for early intervention to protect children from neglect and abuse.

Mr Allen has signed a petition launched by the charity Action For Children. It is asking the government to do more to rescue vulnerable children at an early age.

“Child neglect is responsible for more than 40% of referrals to social services across the UK,” disclosed Mr Allen.

“The impact of neglect on children is chronic and profoundly damaging to their development and wellbeing.

“The current government must do more to intervene earlier with children and families to remedy the impact of child neglect, rather than continue to rely on costlier, ‘fire-fighting’, late interventions.”

Mr Allen has been a key driver in early intervention schemes to help children become contributing members of society.

He is backing calls for an independent Early Intervention Foundation (EIF).

OUR PHOTO shows Mr Allen signing the petition launched by the Action For Children charity.