MP calls for Mansfield District Council to move back to the Town Hall

Mansfield Town Hall
Mansfield Town Hall

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale MP has called on Mansfield District Council to move back into the Town Hall from its site on Chesterfield Road.

Speaking in Mansfield Sir Alan Meale MP said:“Enough is enough, the town centre is gradually closing down, less people are going there with local businesses sliding into financial trouble.

“The reality is the council need to move back to the centre of town to return people to it.

He said the new bus and train stations gave easy access adjacent to the town centre, adding: “What better than to be able to come into the town, to pay bills, report problems, make enquiries or complaints. It would return upwards of a thousand people back into the centre of town – assisting the market and shops to thrive.”

The MP said currently elderly people, or young parents have to either catch two buses to get to the current location and people driving, sometimes find it difficult to park at the civic centre There are car parks in the town centre which are either hardly used, or policed by traffic wardens giving out parking tickets.

He said a common-sense approach was needed to meet the needs of both constituents and local shops.

He added: “If extra office space is required, then enough capacity currently exists in the Co-op building which is vastly underused.

“Better still, if this move is made, it wouldn’t be then too difficult to get a company/companies to use the Chesterfield Road Site for employment opportunities.

“Two Years ago I produced a report about the town centre showing 50 things that could be done to make things better. Since then virtually nothing has been done. Shops are still closing – others are struggling and the market is a mere shadow of its former self”.

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