MP finds out how sewage is turned into electricity

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THE PROCESS of turning sewage sludge into electricity was revealed to Hucknall’s Conservative MP, Mark Spencer, during a visit to coincide with Climate Week.

Mr Spencer and some of his staff were invited to Severn Trent’s base at Stoke Bardolph.

The site has the UK’s first industrial-scale crop anaerobic digestion plant. This involves the sludge by-product of Severn Trent’s sewage treatment being fed into a large ‘mechanical stomach’, which produces methane to power turbines and create electricity.

Enough energy to power 4,500 homes is created each year by the system.

Mr Spencer, who is a dairy farmer and a member of the environmental audit select committee at the House Of Commons, said: “I was extremely impressed by Severn Trent’s commitment to green energy.”

n OUR PHOTO shows Mr Spencer (second from left) with (from left) Liz Kelly, of his support staff, John Jackson and Martin Dent, of Severn Trent, and Jane Walker, also of Mr Spencer’s office.