MP in hunting ban warning

A DEMAND has been made by Bulwell’s Labour MP for the ban on hunting to be enforced more rigorously.

Graham Allen made the appeal amid claims by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) that an increasing number of hunts are breaking the law.

Mr Allen said: “The 2004 Hunting Act was a great triumph for animal welfare. We must continue to make sure that it is properly implemented.”

The legislation outlaws hunting with dogs — particularly when foxes are the target.

But after an undercover investigation by the LACS, two staff from a Leicestershire hunt were found guilty of breaking the Act and ordered to pay more than £10,000 in costs and fines.

Mr Allen praised the LACS for its actions, which include employing retired police officers to investigate hunts that might be flouting the rules.

But Mr Allen added: “The government needs to send a clear message to police chiefs that the Act should be properly enforced.

“My message to the hunts is to work within the law and have a good time.

“If you step outside the law, expect the consequences.”