MP Meale stays silent on the Labour leadership battle

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale.
Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale.

Mansfield’s MP Sir Alan Meale has refused to be drawn whether or not he supports Labour’s embattled leader Jeremy Corbyn as the party’s leadership impasse continues.

As the Chad went to press on Tuesday we asked him his opinion on the no confidence motion signed by 172 MPs last week.

The MP said: “This is an internal matter for the Labour Party and it is a decison the party will take.

“When the party decides I will comment.”

As of Tuesday morning Mr Corbyn was refusing to resign saying it would be a betrayal of the overwhelming numbers of party members who voted for him in last year’s leadership election.

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has told Mr Corbyn he could not carry on without the backing of the party’s MPs, who passed a motion of no-confidence against him last week,

Mr Corbyn is understood to have responded by making clear he had no intention of leaving.