MP opposes Libya action

OUTSPOKEN Graham Allen, of Bulwell, is one of only 13 MPs to vote in Parliament against British troops taking controversial military action in Libya.

International forces are patrolling a no-fly zone above the country in a bid to stop ruler Colonel Gaddafi from attacking his own people. And action has been taken with the blessing of the United Nations (UN).

But Mr Allen (Labour) said: “Putting our forces at risk of death and using force in the internal affairs of another country demands incontestable reasons.”

Mr Allen has questioned the offensive, considering Britain’s armed forces are already entrenched in bloody conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He also wonders why the intervention is taking place when the UK supports other non-democratic rulers around the world.

He added: “This, our third current hostile action in the Muslim world, will only take one bombed wedding convoy or one mistreated prisoner for the whole of Arab sentiment to change.”