MP pulls out all the stops

Ashfield Labour candidate Gloria De Piero
Ashfield Labour candidate Gloria De Piero

Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero is pulling out all the stops to help a street in Selston get faster internet.

The MP met with Selston residents last week who were fed up with being unable to perform basic tasks like sending emails.

At the meeting, people living in Lilley Close said their road was the only one in the village to have not been supplied with superfast broadband.

Ms De Piero has now written to the minister for digital economy, and several other key figures, to ask why the street has been left behind, and demanding a timetable for when they will be connected.

The MP said: “I had to write to the minister for digital economy to resolve what is quite frankly a ridiculous situation.

“I’m not going to back down, especially when I’m told new builds are being prioritised ahead of existing streets and there’s a BT box just 400 yards away.

“In this day and age it’s not a lot to ask for but for some reason this part of the village has so far been ignored.

“My constituents have waited long enough. This needs resolving, so I want to know why this one street has been left in this ludicrous situation and I want to see a clear timetable of when residents can expect superfast broadband.”

The problem in Lilley Close affects about 30 residents. Those working from home say it is impossible to perform basic office tasks like making conference calls or sending emails, and others say they are unable to download films or access BT Sports.

The MP wrote to Ed Vaizey, MP, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy and copied in the Chief Executive of Broadband Delivery UK, the Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire County Council and the Chief Executive of BT.

The initial meeting was held on May 29 at the Tin Hat Centre. Paul Bimson, regional director at BT, joined the MP and local residents.