MP’s animal cruelty cause in Commons

Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer is calling for harsher punishments for animal cruelty after a spate of cat poisonings.

The MP, also a local farmer who keeps many animals himself, has met residents following a series of cat poisonings in the constituency last year.

This week he raised a question in the House of Commons about the country’s treatment of animal cruelty, and is now set to request a Westminster Hall debate, which would see MPs discuss the idea in more detail.

He said: “I’m very passionate about animals and animal welfare, both as a farmer but also as a human being.

“We have pets in our house, they’re part of the family, so this cat poisoning issue has been very close to home.”

There have been a number of new cases in recent weeks, which have spread across Sherwood from Ollerton in the north to Calverton in the south. This has prompted Mr Spencer to raise his concerns in Parliament for a second time.

He added: “We thought we’d found the answer last year but there are new cases still, and now they are spreading across the whole constituency.

“I will use my role in Parliament to push and make sure that the potential punishment for the perpetrators of these crimes is enough to put them off. I also have a technology-based plan to help us find more information and pinpoint anybody involved in wrongdoing, but it’s in early stages and I’m trying to raise some funding.”