MP’s concern over rising cost of weekly shop

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HUCKNALL’S Conservative MP is concerned about the rising cost of his constituents’ weekly food shop and is raising the issue in Parliament.

Sherwood representative, Mark Spencer, highlighted the “effect of domestic land use policy on food prices” in a bid to tackle the increase in the average weekly shop and how this is affected by planning policy.

“Food prices have risen in real terms by 12 per cent over the last five years and Which? estimates that the average cost of a shopping bill is now £76.83 per week, an increase of £5.66 compared with a year ago,” explained Mr Spencer.

“There is no doubt my constituents are feeling the pinch.

“The global outlook is grim as increasing fuel prices, global demand and climate change force prices up.

“Almost 70 per cent of Green Belt land is used for farming.

“Local authorities have to protect that green status and to always choose brown field over Green Bbelt for development.

“That means revitalising run down areas first; more sensitive locating of wind farms and it means no longer hiding behind outdated Regional Spatial Strategy housing targets.”