MP’s letter to Prime Minister to help family searching for answers over their daughter’s tragic death

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero with Pat and Ray Martin.
Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero with Pat and Ray Martin.

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero has written to the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and Minister for Europe demanding action to find out the truth about what happened to a Sutton woman who died in Italy four years ago.

Claire Martin, who lived in southern Italy with her Italian partner and baby son, died from stab wounds to the neck in March 2012.

Following an investigation into her death, the Italian authorities gave a verdict of suicide, but her parents, Pat and Ray Martin, believe that she was murdered and have been fighting to have her case reopened ever since.

The Ashfield MP said: “These last four years have been a nightmare for Pat and Ray Martin, but what has made the tragic situation of losing their daughter even worse is the lack of interest shown by the Government to help them find out what really happened to Claire.

“There are still many unanswered questions and anomalies to explore, but the Foreign Office has not even had the documents from the investigation translated, so neither they nor the Martins know how the suicide verdict was arrived at or whether there are other avenues that should have been explored.

“I have written to the Minister for Europe, Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister to demand that these documents are translated as soon as possible and have asked for a further meeting between myself, the Martins, Nottinghamshire Police and David Lidington to discuss how we can progress this case and get the answers the Martins need.”

Pat Martin said; “We want justice - we want the case re-opened but for that the verdict has to be overturned.

We can’t rest with our grandson thinking his mother left him when he was only one year old.”