MP’s need to have transparency over expenses

In the job I do you never go very long without answering a call or email, it’s just part of the job and I always try to respond or resolve a problem as quickly as I can. It’s a shame the same can’t be said for some of the big companies I deal with on behalf of fed up constituents.

One older couple from Kirkby were so frustrated with the amount of expensive calls they had to make just to cancel their TV subscription. Each time they thought it had been cancelled they were surprised to find yet another direct debit payment. I got involved and they’ve now got their money back and their account has FINALLY been cancelled too!

Raising a child is expensive and family finances are being squeezed but new mothers have been hit particularly hard by changes to tax credits, child benefit and maternity pay.

Worryingly there is growing evidence that hundreds of thousands of women have suffered unfair treatment at work because of taking maternity leave. One survey showed that up to 50,000 women may not have got their job back whilst half who do return say their job is worse.

This is wrong. I’d love to hear from new mums about their experiences to find out what’s working, what’s not and what support is needed. I can promise that anything I’m told will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

It was depressing to see MPs expenses back on the front pages of the newspapers last week and I know lots of Chad readers will have kept a close eye on what their local MPs have spent and so they should. After all it’s your hard earned cash and I’m very conscious of that fact. It’s why I’m so cautious about every penny I spend and why I’m determined to remain one of the lowest spending MPs in the county.

I have never claimed for food and drink and I don’t employ a family member and I never have.

It’s so important that we have transparency and anyone who’d like to can see my expenses by logging on to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) website. If you do have any concerns please do get in touch with me.

Some of you contact me by email, some ring my office, and others book a surgery appointment. A few of you contact me on twitter too. If you’re a constituent and you’re on twitter and I’m not following you tweet me @gloriadepieromp. I promise to follow you back.