MP to sort poor internet in village

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Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero has organised a meeting between Selston folk and BT bosses to improve internet speeds in the village.

Residents contacted the MP to complain about the current state of internet provision in Selston and the surrounding area – especially in comparison to other parts of the country which have seen superfast broadband rolled under the Government’s Superfast Extension Programme.

After writing to BT several times in recent months in an attempt to reach a solution, the MP has now set up a meeting at The Tin Hat Centre between fed up local folk and BT’s regional director Paul Bimson to discuss the failure to improve broadband performance.

Sue Murphy, of Lilley Close, spends most of the week working from home, and said poor internet speeds makes her job impossible.

“Often I’m on a conference call with 15 people and the call just drops. It’s embarrassing. I have to wait for the internet to come back on and call back. That happened five times last week.

“Often I just can’t do anything so I have to go into the office. It should not be this difficult,” she said.

“I’m battling with offshore locations who want to do my work so it doesn’t help when I’m struggling to get it done myself,” added Sue.

The IT worker said the internet in her road is the worse in the village.

“There are a couple of people who run their own businesses who find things very difficult. And families say only one person can send an email at a time. If more than one person sends an email everything grinds to a halt. It’s ridiculous.”

Ms De Piero said: “I am determined to continue to press for improvements and ask what course of action can be undertaken next to ensure the area gets a fair deal.”

The meeting at the Tin Hat centre today starts at 10am.