MPs disagree but Syria vote result ‘best outcome’

Hucknall and Bulwell MPs may have voted differently on action over Syria, but both agree on one thing - their constituents have little stomach for war.

MPs were recalled to the House of Commons to debate military intervention following news that chemical weapons may have been used in Syria.

Hucknall MP Mark Spencer voted with the Government. Bulwell MP Graham Allen voted against the motion.

Mr Spencer says that although the Government was defeated, the result was a victory for democracy and parliamentary procedure.

“It’s an emotive subject,” he said.

“I have had a lot of genuine correspondence from constituents who do not want to get into something that is not our fight.

“Some of those people wo have written to me are regular writers but many are people who have written to their MP for the first time.”

He said that the result sent a strong message that condemned the use of chemcial weapons and showed the Government that there was no appetite for a war.

The government in Damascus is accused of using chemical weapons against civilians during a 30-month conflict.

It is also reportedthat there was an attack on civilians on 21st August.

Graham Allen, who chairs the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee, organised the drive to recall of MPs.

He told the Dispatch: “I believe the UK Prime Minister David Cameron is privately immensely relieved.

“He does not now have to help redeem President Obama’s rash pledge made last year on trying to set the rules on another country’s civil war [on the use of chemical weapons]by dropping UK bombs into an incredibly complex, crowded and confused war zone causing civilian casualties and drawing the UK into unknowable long-term consequences.”

And he added: “Democracy, through dialogue and debate in the legislature, has got one Western leader off the hook.

“Let’s hope it can do the same for the President of the United States.”

Syria is set to be high on the agenda at the G20 summit of developed and developing nations, which this year takes place in St Petersburg.

The annual meeting usually focuses on the economy.