MPs united in calls for ‘in-out’ Euro referendum

Sir Alan Meale MP is calling fro a referendum on Europe.
Sir Alan Meale MP is calling fro a referendum on Europe.

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale has called for an “In-out” referendum on Europe to be held in 2017 to “settle the issue once and for all.”

Europe came into sharp focus at the recent European elections, where the United Kingdom Indepedence Party (UKIP) made significant gains.

The topic is likely to remain on the agenda ahead of the general election, which has been set for May 7 next year.

“I’ve been saying for 20 years and particularly in the last 10 that a referendum on whether we stay in Europe or not has been needed, and I haven’t changed my mind,” said Mr Meale.

“In my view, it is the only way to clear the decks one way or another. When I was on the Home Affairs Select Committee and put together a report on border controls, I became aware people had issues.

“While I think are happy to have an economic partnership, I don’t think everyone is happy with the money being paid into Europe, nor the border problems.

“We have to debate the issue and then make a decision and 2017 will give everyone the chance to campaign, plus the electoral commission to prepare for it.”

Mr Meale’s comments come after Sherwood MP Mark Spencer - who represents the likes of Rainworth, Blidworth, Edwinstowe, Ollerton and Ravenshead - vowed to give constituents an “In-Out” referendum.

He will also be carrying out his own survey, sending out “ballot papers” to every home in the Sherwood constituency, and a website, will launch on 5th June.

Mr Spencer said: “I have heard many different opinions from hundreds of people on this issue.

“I know that while some people have different priorities, for many this is one of the most important and frustrating issues at the moment.

‘I would like to hear opinions on this matter and I will forward responses to the Prime Minister.”