Mr Vacuum meets TV’s Life is Short star Warwick

James Brown with Warwick Davis
James Brown with Warwick Davis

A Hucknall man whose love of vacuum cleaners is now his livelihood will appear in a television show this Friday with diminutive star of stage and screen Warwick Davies.

James Brown, who runs the Mr Vacuum shop and museum in Heanor, made it into the Guinness Book of World Records last year for having a collection of 322 vacuum cleaners.

He will be appearing on Weekend Escapes on ITV’s new six-part TV series in which Mr Davis and his family look at what the tourism industry has to offer across the country.

James Brown (35), of Coupe Gardens, said: “His whole family were nice. He came across as genuinely interested - apparently at home he can vacuum three times a day!

“The visit lasted about two hours which will condensed down into about four minutes. We did a blindfolded vacuum cleaner challenge. I got five out of five and Warwick got four - so he appears to know his vacuum cleaners!”

Most recently, James loaned a red Goblin vacuum cleaner to the BBC One period drama The Village.