Mrs M.Drake

Mavis Drake obituary
Mavis Drake obituary

MRS Mavis Drake, of Chestnut Grove, Hucknall, has died at the age of 80.

Mrs Drake was born in Nottingham but had lived in Hucknall for 78 years.

She went to Butlers Hill and Beardall Street Schools in the town.

During her working life, she served as a chambermaid until the age of 70.

She leaves her son, David, daughter Jacqueline Randle and grandchildren Natalie, Charlotte, Mark and Lucy.

In her spare time she enjoyed being with her family, working, knitting, baking, shopping with her friends, dominoes, bingo, dog-walking, cups of tea with her friends, and Daniel O’Donnell music. She was well known for always having a smile on her face.

A funeral service was held at Mansfield Crematorium by the Rev Lynne Raynor.

Mourners were: Mr and Mrs D.Drake; Mrs J.Randle; Miss N.Randle; Miss C.Randle; Miss L.Drake; Mr R.Turton; Mr A.Lee; Mr S.Hill; Mrs V.Rhodes; Mr M.Rhodes; Mr and Mrs Shoebridge; Miss S.Hickman; Mr and Mrs Hickman; Mr M.Orange; Mrs J.Orange; Mr R.Brown; Mr C.Randle; Mr and Mrs Randle; Mrs J.Walker; Mrs N.Nixon; Mrs E.Cartledge; Mrs M.Britton; Mrs L.Cartledge; Denise, Sue and family; Mrs H.Drake; Barbara; Janet; Frank; Mr J.West; Miss V.West; Michelle; M.Orange; Lynn; Mrs K.Newton.