Mum and kids kicked out after ‘living nightmare’

ORDERED TO LEAVE -- mum Kelly Green with her children, Annaliese (13), Madeline (seven months) and Thomas (three) -- DISPIC NHUD12-0308-1.
ORDERED TO LEAVE -- mum Kelly Green with her children, Annaliese (13), Madeline (seven months) and Thomas (three) -- DISPIC NHUD12-0308-1.

AN OUTRAGED mum-of-three claims she and her young children have been ordered to leave their rented home in Bulwell — after months of problems at the property.

Kelly Green (31) took on the house on Henrietta Street through the Belvoir Lettings property agency, of Station Road in the town, last August.

She moved there from a maisonette on Colston Road in Bulwell after her third child, Madeline, was born three months premature and weighed just 1lb 12oz.

But Kelly says she has “lived a nightmare” at the home because of faults that have included a water leak and a troublesome boiler that left her with no heating. She says she has even seen rats.

Kelly now says she has been told that the £495-a-month terraced house will go back on to the rental market — and she must leave by the end of April.

“It has been terrible from the start,” said Kelly, who is also mum to Annaliese (13) and Thomas (three). “I have made so many complaints but feel I’ve been speaking to a brick wall.”

Kelly is hoping to secure a council house. She says she was shocked at first to be told she must leave Henrietta Street. But now the feeling “has turned to relief”.

However Belvoir Lettings, which is acting on behalf of a private landlady who owns the house, has rubbished many of the claims made by Kelly. It says complaints have been “grossly exaggerated” and adds that the house was decorated, inspected and cleaned before Kelly moved in.

A spokesman said: “Since taking on the tenancy, Miss Green has complained repeatedly about perceived problems at the property — all of which have been investigated and responded to quickly by Belvoir.

“With the exception of one maintenance-call — to fix the boiler which had a faulty pressure-relief valve (no gas leak) — all other calls were of a standard and minor nature. For example, calls to mend a leaking stopcock and a malfunctioning light switch.

“Other notices of complaint to the office, which received a total of 12 over the six months of the tenancy agreement, have been grossly exaggerated. But nevertheless, we investigated them, and the results of our inspections were reported back to both the tenant and our landlord client.

“The tenant’s suggestion that there was a rat infestation at the property was referred immediately to the environmental health office at Nottingham City Council, and Belvoir provided Miss Green with full contact details for the pest-control department.

“While we have never found any evidence of infestation during our periodic inspections, this matter would need to be addressed by the council (and it is the tenant’s obligation to resolve such issues).

“After Miss Green’s six-month tenancy agreement ended on Sunday January 29, the landlady initially made the offer for her to continue the tenancy on a month-by-month basis.

“But following the constant stream of complaints, our client has instructed us to issue notice to vacate the premises. She (the landlady) has always attempted to address the tenant’s concerns but now feels there is no prospect of completely resolving her ongoing dissatisfaction.”