Mum’ heartbroken’ over state of Bulwell cemetery decides to clear up

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A heartbroken mum was so upset by the state of a Bulwell cemetery, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Yvette Slater, 53, has family members buried at the Northern Cemetery, and wanted to take action against the overflowing bins and plots covered in four-feet high grass.

Mrs Slater, of Bestwood Park, now wants to appeal to people to volunteer to help tidy up the neglected plots.

Mrs Slater told the Notts Post: “I want to tidy the unkept graves. Some are really maintained but there are just a few ones that spoil the look of the whole place.

“I have family up there and sometimes it is heartbreaking. It’s never going to be a nice place but it is a place of rest and it should be kept nice for our loved ones.

“Going up to Bulwell Cemetery you are depressed as it is but when it looks a mess it is worse.

“There are a lot of elderly people who can’t do anything but drop a few flowers off and there are some very old graves. I can understand why they are not being maintained. We will do the worst ones to keep it looking half decent.”

So far, Mrs Slater, a hospital receptionist, has recruited 20 volunteers, but wants to double this number, and clean up the cemetary four times a year.

The Notts Post reported in June that grieving visitors were becoming upset by the sight of the messy cemetery, and although Nottingham City Council provided extra workers, they said memorabilia on or near graves made it difficult to cut the grass and that items left on graves were the responsibility of families.

Eddie Curry, head of parks and open spaces at Nottingham City Council said: “Our teams work hard to keep the cemetery clean and tidy.

“Burial plots are the responsibility of families and we look forward to working with them on a regular basis to help keep the cemetery in top condition.”

Mrs Slater is leading a clean-up event on August 4 in the cemetary, where she hopes that more people will become interested in volunteering to help tidy the area.

The clean up will begin ta 10am on August 4 from the cemetery’s church.

To get involved or find out more, visit