Mum hits out at long-running water-leak ‘nightmare’

TILE TRAUMA -- Natasha Croft and daughter Charley-Alarna in the leak-affected bathroom ' DISPIC NHUD12-1507-1
TILE TRAUMA -- Natasha Croft and daughter Charley-Alarna in the leak-affected bathroom ' DISPIC NHUD12-1507-1

AN ANGRY mum has hit out over a leaking drainpipe she says has been “a nightmare” for THREE MONTHS is putting the safety of her toddler daughter at risk.

Natasha Croft (20) has lived in her second-floor flat at Goodall Crescent for two-and-a-half years and had been happy with the service from Ashfield Homes, which manages the property on behalf of owner Ashfield District Council.

But she says that since March, the leaking pipe has caused havoc in her bathroom with water leaving the floor soaking and covered in puddles.

It has even caused a damp patch on the ceiling of the ground-floor flat below hers.

Natasha says the leak is caused every time her neighbour in the flat above has a shower and that she has slipped over twice because of the problem.

The main concern of single mum Natasha is that her two-year-old daughter, Charley-Alarna Grubey, could slip in the bathroom and be seriously hurt or “break her neck“.

Natasha claims she has repeatedly contacted Ashfield Homes but nothing has been done.

When the Dispatch contacted the company this week there was some confusion but it immediately took action and contacted Natasha with a view to tackling the problem.

Before the latest contact from Ashfield Homes, Natasha, who grew up in Bulwell, said: “I’ve reported this to Ashfield Homes on numerous occasions and nothing has been done. Someone came out but again nothing has been done.

“The leak has left us with damp in the bathroom and has caused the tiles to lift

“It has been incredibly frustrating. It has started to really get on my nerves and has gradually got worse and worse.

“I have tried to soak it up with towels but that makes no difference. I don’t know where to turn. I am scared for the safety of my daughter.

“Ashfield Homes has been out very quickly in the past to deal with problems, including an issue with the boiler, so I don’t know what’s gone wrong with this.”

Paul Bingham, director of asset management at Ashfield Homes confirmed that Natasha had reported a water leak.

He said: “Subsequently an appropriate repair order was raised and an appointment was made to visit Miss Croft’s home. We are and will continue to work with Miss Croft in respect of her enquiry and our repair technicians have now attended the flat to carry out appropriate repairs and ensure customer satisfaction.”