Mum-of-six who neglected kids is caught with drugs

scales of justice
scales of justice

A MUM-of-six, who had a suspended prison-sentence hanging over her for neglecting some of her young children, was caught with drugs in Hucknall, a court has heard.

The woman, who cannot be named in order to protect the identities of the children, left the pub on High Street shortly after midnight one day in January.

Nottingham Crown Court was told that police were called to a disturbance at 12.40 am when neighbours complained about a group of people making a noise while leaving the pub, which was not named.

The 29-year-old woman was quizzed by officers and admitted having a small amount of amphetamine on her.

Details of the suspended sentence were also revealed in court.

Eighteen months before the drugs offence, the woman had returned home at 3.30 am after leaving her 21 month-old baby in the house with two of her other children, aged just six and 11, said Edna Leonard (prosecuting).

Later there was an argument and the mother threw a bag at the 11-year-old, injuring the child.

The woman was sentenced last October to nine months in prison, suspended for 18 months, for five offences of child cruelty.

She was in breach of the sentence by failing to keep probation appointments, the court heard.

It was claimed that she failed to stick to the appointments because, on one occasion, she missed a bus and on others, she had difficulty arranging childcare.

In mitigation, it was said the woman had a babysitter on the night she was caught leaving the pub with the drugs. The children had not been left alone.

She had now decided to move away from the area in a bid to get her home-life in order.

It was claimed the amphetamine was worth about £5 and she was simply holding it for someone else.

In court with the woman was another baby, aged one, she had had since the cruelty offences, along with a fifth youngster not yet at school.

She had a sixth child who was older and not living with her, the court heard.

The woman pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of the drugs. Judge Andrew Hamilton adjourned sentencing until Monday July 18 for a progress report from probation.

The judge told her: “I suggest you put your children first.

“What you were doing, causing a disturbance, with amphetamine on you, is beyond me.

“Any futher breach and you are likely to end up in prison.”

The court was told that the woman had a previous conviction for possession of amphetamine dating back to 2004. Her record also included convictions for assaulting a police officer, theft and other offences.

Social services is involved with the family and is working closely with them