Mum-of-three shot dead near nightclub

THE COLD-blooded murder of a Bulwell woman, near a Nottingham nightspot, was carried out by a hitman connected to the city's drug trade, police suspect.

Mother-of-three Terrisia Jacobs (33), of Courtleet Way, was killed with a single gunshot to the back of her head at 2.30 last Saturday morning.

The gunman swooped near industrial units on Bulwer Road, just off Ilkeston Road in Radford.

He ran up behind his unsuspecting victim and fired once from point-blank range with what appears to have been a handgun. He then fled in the direction of the city.

The shooting happened only minutes after Ms Jacobs had left The Drum nightclub nearby with a male friend.

She was rushed by ambulance to the Queen's Medical Centre and was stablised with painkillers. But after emergency surgery, she died later in the day in the hospital's intensive care unit.

Det Supt Michael Ward, who is leading the murder investigation, said it was a "tragic and sad loss of life of a young woman.

"She was shot at the closest possible range and it has the hallmarks of an intended killing, connected to the drug supply network in Nottingham."

The shooting stunned residents of Ilkeston Road. One of them, John Staniforth, said:

"I heard a pop in the middle of the night and a lot of screaming and shouting. I didn't go out because I was tired and thought someone was messing about."

The family of Ms Jacobs have refused to comment on the murder.

As part of their investigation, police officers appealed for help from clubbers who would have been spilling out of The Drum at the time of the murder.

They also took the unusual step of pleading with people immersed in Nottingham's gun and drugs culture to help bring the killer to justice. Added Det Supt Ward: "We believe people know who the killer is and we appeal for them to come forward with information.

"They need to help stop the escalation of firearms offences. The world has changed in the past few years. People are willing to settle their disputes with firearms."

n ON Wednesday, a 33-year-old man, believed to be a Jamaican national, was quizzed by police over the killing.

The investigation comes under the banner of 'Operation Stealth', which was set up in the summer to deal with drugs-related crime. Anyone with information should call the police on 0115 8446912.

Neighbours not sure who she was

THE PROFILE and background of tragic gunshot-victim Terrisia Jacobs was shrouded in mystery this week.

For confused neighbours in Courtleet Way on Bulwell's Crabtree Farm Estate admitted they had never heard of her.

The Dispatch knocked on more than 20 doors in a bid to find out about the true Ms Jacobs.

But most weren't even sure where on the street she had lived.

Ruth Bestwick (81), who has lived on Courtleet Way for 30 years, said she might have been her next-door neighbour.

"Someone told me it was the woman next door but she hadn't lived here long. She had three kids and was pretty quiet. I don't know for sure but I haven't seen her or her kids here since the weekend."

The house Mrs Bestwick was referring to showed no signs of life. A mattress was propped up against an upstairs window and children's toys were strewn in the garden.

One of Mrs Bestwick's neighbours claimed Ms Jacobs lived elsewhere in the area. Others commented on the shock, sadness and fear that news of the cold-hearted killing brought.

A woman, who asked not to be named, said: "It really brings it home. You hear of gun crime and think of it being in the city. But when it affects someone close to home, you really worry.

"To just go up and shoot someone in the back of the head is unbelievable. You just don't know when something like this could happen."

Another neighbour added: "It leaves you terrified and scared, especially when bringing up children in this day and age. With this sort of thing happening, you daren't let them out on their own."