Mum’s heartbreak as dog poo is left by daughter’s grave

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A Hucknall woman burst into tears when she found dog poo close to her beloved daughter’s grave in the town’s cemetery.

Nelda Heath’s daughter, Diane Holmes, was born in 1962 and was only three weeks old when she died from a bowel condition. She is buried in the children’s section of the cemetery in Broomhill Road.

Nelda, 79, said: “I have always tried to keep the grave looking nice. I felt heartbroken when I saw it in that state.”

Nelda’s son, Edward, 39, who had driven her to the cemetery, later returned and cleaned up the dog dirt.

But Nelda’s anguish was increased when she afterwards saw more dog poo in front of the grave of her mother, Constance Godfrey, in another part of the cemetery.

Nelda added: “It is very upsetting for grieving families to find the last resting place of loved ones fouled in this way.”

Hucknall member of Notts County Council, Councillor John Wilmott, said: “I am sorry to here of Nelda’s problem and the issue needs a full investigation of how this has happened.”

Nelda says that a lot of dog owners walk their pets through the cemetery to go to the adjoining Titchfield Park.

Ashfield District Council has been working on the matter of dog fouling in cemeteries

Portfolio Holder for Environment, Councillor Tim Brown, said allowing a dog to foul in a cemetery was sickening and disgraceful behaviour.

He said: “It is disgusting that people do not pick up after their dogs, but to allow them to foul in a cemetery is just sickening and disgraceful.

“It shows a complete lack of respect and the Council will not tolerate this behaviour. It is not acceptable for this to happen and we will continue to use all powers available to us to stop it”.