Mums worried for kids’ safety after outbreak of violence

The Top House pub in Bulwell, where the fight broke out.
The Top House pub in Bulwell, where the fight broke out.

Mums in Bulwell say there are being extra vigilant with their children after an outbreak of violence that landed a man in hospital with a serious head-injury.

The man, believed to be about 40, was assaulted in a fight outside the Top House pub (formerly the Coopers Arms), on the corner of Bradney Drive and Hoewood Road, on a Sunday evening.

Children were playing nearby, and some saw the man lying in the middle of the road after he had been attacked.

Mum Charlene Marshall, 39, who has lived near the pub for seven years, said: “Three of my kids saw the man on the floor, and the youngest is only four years old.

“It’s disgusting. They did not need to see that. I do not like living here when my kids see something like that. It’s horrible.

“There were lots of kids of primary-school age there, and lots of police and an ambulance.”

“Normally, I let my kids go out to the shop. But I won’t be letting them go now.”

Another mum-of-three, 29-year-old Chantelle Williams, said: “One of my neighbours had to stop her car because there was fighting in the middle of the road.

“It’s strange for round here. The estate is quite friendly, and the only thing you normally hear from that pub is old people singing.

“I was in my front garden and saw a policeman running by. I told my kids to stay inside and when I went out and saw all the police, I was glad I did.

“it was worrying. My son had wanted to play in a nearby car park, but I told him to have a bath instead.”

The fight broke out just before 6.30 pm on Sunday, June 24. It is believed a number of men were involved.

The victim was rushed to hospital, while a 17-year-old was arrested and taken into police custody.

The teenager was later charged with grievous bodily harm, two counts of common assault and possession of a bladed weapon. He is due to appear in court at a later date to be arranged.