Muppet man’s arrest after tripping up in Mansfield

Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.

A Nottingham man laughed and called police officers “muppets” until he tumbled into a puddle and got arrested in Mansfield, a court heard.

Owen Gallagher tried to get into a car that had been stopped by police on Regent Street, on suspicion of drink driving, at 3.30am, on Sunday, May 14.

“The officer told him to step away from the car and calm himself down,” said Rod Chapman, prosecuting.

“Mr Gallagher laughed and ran around the officer, then stopped about ten yards away and shouted: “Who are you nicking you f****** muppets?””

He was warned to leave the scene, but continued to shout and swear and wave his arms in an aggressive manner, before stopping and laughing.

This continued four times, until Gallagher ran at the officer, tripped, and fell “flat on his face into a puddle.”

“He said: “Go on arrest me as well you muppets,”” said Mr Chapman.

“And at 3.35am that is exactly what happened.”

Gallagher, 25, of Abbotsford Drive, Nottingham, admitted using threatening and abusive words when he appeared before magistrates in Mansfield, on Wednesday.

Gallagher, who was unrepresented, said there was nothing to say about the offence.

The court heard he had previous convictions for drugs misuse, with his last appearance in court, on December 2016, for possession of cannabis.

He was fined £60, and was ordered to pay court costs of £85, and a £30 victim surcharge.