Mystery ‘farm’ in Bulwell

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A ‘Bulwell Farm’ sign on a stretch of waste land on Highbury Road has become a big talking point after ornamental ducks and two plastic cows appeared there.

‘Bulwell Farm’ has captured the imagination of locals and transformed the unloved plot of land between Henrietta Street and Cantrell Road, into a quirky tourist venue.

Charlie Towlson, who created the ‘farm’, said: “It has sparked much local interest. Children, in particular, are fascinated to pass a ‘farm’ on their way to school.”

Mystery still surrounds the involvement of two men who erected a scarecrow at ‘Bulwell Farm’ last Sunday night, last seen disappearing up Henrietta Street with their scarecrow and laughing as they went!

The ‘farm’ was the starting-point for a walkabout by members of the newly-formed We Love Bulwell town team and Nottingham City Council’s senior regeneration officer, Mark Armstrong.

Their aim was to identify problem spots needing attention as part of the town team’s strategy of improving Bulwell’s image.