Name change for Lymn craftsmen

Family run funeral directors AW Lymn has changed the trading name of its memorial division.

Previously known as Ernest Smith, it will now be known as AW Lymn The Craftsmen in Stone.

The company has served familiesin Hucknall and across Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire for many years.

The memorial company was founded in the 1940s by Ernest Smith and Harold Lymn (being the son of Arthur William Lymn and co-founder of AW Lymn The Family Funeral Service).

When Mr Smith retired in the 1980s the company became a division of A W Lymn but continued to trade under the Ernest Smith name.

The memorial division now employs 10 skilled staff and is managed by Ben Percival who is one of AW Lymn’s great, great grandsons.

“I’m excited by the name change,” said Mr Percival. “The time has come to acknowledge that it is now clearly a part of AW Lymn.

“The two names have occasionally caused confusion for clients. I am pleased to be trading under my great, great grandfather’s name and will continue to meet the high standards set by him.”