Police superintendent says Nottinghamshire emergency services are unaffected by fuel supply issues

Emergency services in Nottinghamshire have reassured people that services are unaffected by current fuel supply issues.

Thursday, 30th September 2021, 6:48 pm

It comes after a recent surge of people panic buying fuel which left many petrol stations in Bassetlaw and across the country unable to sell unleaded or diesel.

Several members of the public had taken to social media to warn others that emergency services would not be able to attend emergencies due to the fuel shortages.

Police, fire and ambulance services have reassured the public that they have their own fuel reserves which means they can operate as normal.

Nottinghamshire emergency services have reassured the public they are not affected by fuel supply issues, but tell panic buyers to return to 'normal habits'.

Superintendent Sukesh Verma, of Nottinghamshire Police has issued a statement speaking on behalf of the 999 partner agencies.

He said: “People across Nottinghamshire can be reassured that emergency services plan carefully for scenarios such as this and have ample fuel supplies – meaning there will be no impact on services.

“As everyone is now aware there is no shortage of fuel, but a sudden change in the way people buy fuel in the last few days has made it difficult for forecourts to restock at a quick enough rate.

“By simply returning to normal habits, we understand fuel stations will be able to return to normal much more quickly and elevate the current challenge.

“We would also urge motorists to ensure they do not cause an obstruction on the roads if they are queuing for fuel.”

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