New app makes accessing council services even easier

The new MyNotts app is available to download now for free.
The new MyNotts app is available to download now for free.

In this day and age when 95 per cent of households have access to a smartphone, it comes as no surprise that two-thirds of our residents told us they would be likely to download an app to access council services if one was available, writes Coun Reg Adair, deputy leader of Nottinghamshire County Council.

So the council has listened by working closely with Nottinghamshire residents to help create and test a new app – known as the MyNotts app – which is now live and available to download for free from the app store on your Android and Apple devices.

It is only right that the council invests in technology so that residents can access our services in a way that’s convenient for them.

The aim of the MyNotts  app is to make it easier and quicker for people to access council services wherever they are using their smartphones.

This will complement the services already provided through the council’s website and customer service centre.

We all have busy lives and for many people it’s second nature to use an app while out and about.

The app offers access to a wide range of well-used council services including booking a wedding at a council venue, information about what’s on across Nottinghamshire, registering a birth or death or information about libraries.

Our customer services centre receives more than 550,000 enquiries each year and around half of these enquiries are highways related, so we know how important it is to our residents to have a road network which is safe and well maintained.

This is of course a priority for this council too.

So the MyNotts app will also make it easier when reporting potholes, street lights and other highways issues in Nottinghamshire.

The smartphone’s GPS facility will automatically upload the location and provide updates on progress direct to your device.

While designing this app we wanted to make sure that it was accessible and appealing to residents of all ages.

This is only the start for the MyNotts app.

We plan to develop and improve it and feedback from app users around the county will play a big part in this.

So I encourage Nottinghamshire residents with a smartphone to download it, give it go and try it for yourself.