New kit to silence noisy neighbours

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ACTION to crack down on noisy neighbours in Bulwell is being stepped up with the use of specialist new equipment.

The pollution control team of Nottingham City Council’s community protection department is inroducing five new pieces of recording kit to tackle such cases of anti-social behaviour.

The team leader, Richard Taylor, said the equipment would enable officers to gather evidence of noise nuisance more quickly and efficiently than at present.

After an investigation in which alleged offenders are warned about their conduct, the equipment will be installed in the homes of people affected by troublesome noise.

Mr Taylor said the team already used recording devices to look into complaints of loud parties, music, shouting or other noise complaints.

But as this equipment was limited, it could lead to delays in investigations and prosecutions.

“The extra equipment will speed up investigations and help us to take action more quickly against those making other people’s lives a misery through noise nuisance,” said Mr Taylor.