New lease of life for kitten dumped in bin inside a carrier bag

'Lucky' is now housed at Woodland Nook Cat Rescue in Swanwick.
'Lucky' is now housed at Woodland Nook Cat Rescue in Swanwick.

A kitten that was found tied up inside a plastic bag and left in a dog litter bin has been given a new lease of life by a local cat rescue.

‘Lucky’ the kitten was found by resident Anne Swindells inside the dog litter bin on Westmorland Way, Jacksdale, where he was tied up inside a red carrier bag and could be ‘heard meowing’.

Lucky was then taken to Woodland Nook Cat Rescue in Swanwick, where he has been given toys to play with and is being fed.

Anne said: “A lady walking her dog near my house shouted me over to the dog poo bin on Westmorland Way.

“I heard a loud meow and I ended up dismantling the bin when I noticed a red bag in the bin which was really tightly tied.

“I gingerly untied it and inside there was another bag which was even smaller and also tied really tight.

“When i finally managed to undo this a little scared kitten was peeping out meowing at me.

“The lady agreed to take the kitten home, and as she had no transport I said I went to her house and took the kitten to the vets.

“Fortunately we have now found a lovely cat rescue for the kitten and I am glad he is getting on well.

“I was so surprised and shocked to see that someone could do that on my back doorstep.”

Woodland Nook Cat Rescue say that Lucky is ‘lucky to be alive’ and that he is only eight weeks old.

Melanie Siddons said: “Just met little Lucky who was a victim of awful cruelty, being dumped in a bag full of poo and then buried deep down in the bin itself.

“He certainly pulled on my heart strings, he has some food and new toys to play with now.”