New-look Bowman is a real sizzler

STAFF at the new-look Bowman in Hucknall
STAFF at the new-look Bowman in Hucknall

THE NEW-look Bowman pub and restaurant continues to blaze a trail — after being converted and re-branded as a Flaming Grill venture.

Changes to the venue on Nottingham Road have come about after a £300,000 makeover banrolled by owner the Punch Pub Company.

As well as changes to the interior, the Bowman has also been given a striking new orange paint job outside.

The aim by Punch was to retain the venue’s status as a traditional community pub but with an authentic chargrill at the heart of its kitchen.

As well as a fresh look, the Bowman also boasts 20 new staff members who were recruited during a special jobs drive.

The changes offer a new chapter in the history of a pub many in Hucknall will still remember as the Blue Boar.