New safety drive to curb school danger

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A Mansfield man is starting a campaign to stop parents on the school run from parking dangerously.

Nick Russell said he started a petition to prevent a child from being seriously injured at Sutton Road Primary and Nursery School before it is too late.

The petition calls on the local authorities to take action and advise parents to walk to school when possible. It so far has around 60 signatures.

Mr Russell, whose partner’s five-year-old attends the school, said: “Something needs to be done before a child is seriously injured.

“Parents driving into school have no respect for the lollipop lady and there has been occasions when she has been abused by parents.

We want to raise awareness that parking on yellow lines outside school, blocking people’s drives and shop owners who are awaiting delivery is not safe, it is an accident waiting to happen.”

Mr Russell’s concerns are shared by Steve Garner, Nottinghamshire County Coun for Mansfield south who said parents should allow more time to get to school.

“I am fully supportive of the concerns of the residents.

“People appreciate that parents need to pick their kids up from school but it is some disrespectful parents with attitudes. A lot of people are concerned.” He said.

Coun Garner called on a need for parents to plan their journeys better. He said: “People and parents of children should allow more time to get in and out of school and park appropriately.

“More awareness of where they are and to be respectful of the neighbourhood they are in is urgently needed.”