New scheme to make Hucknall blooming great

Hucknall in bloom
Hucknall in bloom

HUCKNALL will be saying it with flowers in 2013.

The town’s area committee has agreed to spend up to £1,500 on a ‘Floral Town’ initiative for Hucknall to blossom with colourful displays of flowers.

Members will consider detailed plans for the project at their next meeting in January.

Different examples of planters were contained in a report to the committee by council officer Sarah Daniel.

The members were told that planters being rented rather than purchased would be the most effective option.

This is because it is not known for how many years the initiative will continue.

This option also means that no additional storage for the planters will be required for the rest of the year.

The report also stated that a water bowser, costing between £3,500 and £4,500, would be required to carry out watering efficiently.

As part of the schme, local businesses and community organisations will be asked to sponsor planters. Their names would be acknowledged on plaques to be put on the planters.

Ashfield District Council’s deputy leader, Coun John Wilmott (Lab), of Hucknall, said he fully supported this suggestion.

He pointed out that some businesses had made ‘vast profits’ out of Hucknall and it was time they put something back into the town.